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Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheets can be used in a variety of applications which require high performance features. Ideal alternative for glass.

Application areas

  • Windshields

  • Bullet-proof and other safety glazing

  • Machine parts and guards

  • Screens

  • Division walls

  • Canopies

  • Roofing elements

  • Sneeze guards

Polycarbonate Machine Guard

Main advantage of Polycarbonate

  • Approximately 250 times more impact resistant than glass, while its weight is only half of it
  • It is fire resistant and is café of fire it is self-extinguishing
  • This material has superior shock absorption qualities
  • Its light transmission properties are comparable to glass but is significantly lighter and more durable
  • It is easy to cut with common tools and can be bent
  • It is simple to mount and join

Polycarbonate Applications


Polycarbonate Machine Guard

Sheet prices – Polycarbonate

sheet dimensions are in mm, prices exclude VAT and delivery