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DIBOND® sheets

DIBOND® boards are laminated products and they are especially popular among interior decorators, exhibition stand designers, builders and installers.

Diabond is often called as Aluminium Composite Sheet or Sandwich Panels.

The surface is covered with a 0,3 mm aluminium layer on both sides while the internal core is made of polyethylene.

As this material is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, it is ideal for shop fronts, signages, POS and POP displays, wall protection and wall decoration panels.

The DIBOND® panels are made from polyethylene with double-sided aluminium coating, one side has a glossy finish the other side is mat.

Application areas of DIBOND®


  • Wall-mounted signs and billboards
  • Scoreboards
  • POP/POS displays, carts and kiosks
  • Screen print
  • Letter base for interior signages
  • Bespoke exhibit booths
  • Traffic signs
  • Illuminated signages

Diabond Sign

Main advantage of DIBOND®

  • It is lightweight, but it is extremely rigid
  • It has excellent weather resistance
  • It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets
  • Ideal base for colour printing
  • It is easy to fabricate
  • It is food-safe
  • It resists to damages and impacts
  • It is available in wide range of colours and finishes


Diabond Colour SelectionColour Selection

This photo illustrates the wide range of colours available.

In case of any special colour need our sales team will be pleased to give you all the information.

Sheet prices – DIBOND®

the sheet dimensions are in mm, prices are excluding the VAT and the delivery