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Acrylic Tubes

Acrylic Tubes (or plexiglass pipes) are used in a variety decorative and industrial applications. Cast tubes are more expensive but much stronger and more resistant than extruded plexiglass tubing due to the technology but the difference is amazing. After the production the tubes are polished inside and out, therefore the clarity gives a glass effect.

Application areas of Acrylic Tubes

  • Interior decoration
  • For shelf dividers
  • Decorative furniture pieces
  • Legs for shelves, tables
  • For creative space divider solutions
  • POS displays
  • Shop window decoration
  • Structural support

Acrylic tubes

Industrial use

  • Food processing industry
  • For dipper tubes
  • For vent tubes
  • Excellent pneumatic conveyor (typically compressed air and nitrogen)


Acrylic tubes

Main advantage of Acrylic Tubes

  • Its glossy surface and transparency gives the feeling of glass
  • Easy to cleaning and maintain
  • Resists to most chemicals and oils
  • Easy to fabricate
  • It is not only more flexible, but even stronger than glass

Acrylic tubes display

acrylic pipes fabrication

Acrylic Tube Prices

the dimensions are in mm, prices are excluding the VAT and the delivery

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